Editorial and Advisory Board


Dr. Shgufta Shahzadi
Chairperson Department of Special Education
University of Karachi, Pakistan
Dr. Mahitab Maher
Department of Digital Media and Journalism
Canadian International College, New Cairo, Egypt
Dr. Ali Murad Syed
Department of Economics and Finance,
College of Business Administration, University of Bahrain, Bahrain
Dr. Mansi Handa
Department of Philosophy
Yorkville University, Concord, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Kenneth U. Chukwuba
Assocaite Professor Leadership & Organizational
Southwest Minnesota State University



Dr. Athar Ahmed
Regional Director General
U. S. Institute of Foreign Trade, Islamabad, Pakistan

Dr. Imran Rafiq Khattak
Department of commerce
University of Malakand, KP, Pakistan
Dr Bashir Ahmed
Professor of Sociology
Baluchistan University (BUITEMS), Quetta, Pakistan

Dr. Gerry S. Digo
Professor, Department of Education,
Sorsogon State University, Sorsogon City, Philippines
Dr. Debbie McCleary
Faculty of Education
Niagara University, Vaughn, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Haggag Mohamed Haggag
Vice Dean, Faculty of Languages
South Valley University, Egypt
Dr. Zbysław Dobrowolski
Professor. Jagiellonian University,
Institute of Public Affairs, Kraków, Poland
Dr. Juliana Jalaludin
Professor Department of Environmental Health
University Putra Malaysia, Serdang Malaysia
Dr Michael Hepworth
Faculty of Education and Social Science,
University of Sunderland, UK