Exploring The Facets of Conflicts in Organizations: A Qualitative Case Study on Educational Institution


  • Farriha Tabasam* ,Khizra Inam* ,Dania Khan* ,Vanessa Ilyas Abbas* Graduate Student, Department of Business Administration Greenwich University, Pakistan
  • Mehreen Mansoor Head, Department of Business Administration Greenwich University, Pakistan


Interpersonal conflict, Team dynamics, Conflict resolution, Organizational growth, Resolution techniques


This research explores how commonplace disagreements are in workplaces, recognizing that individuals' varied backgrounds and aspirations make conflicts inevitable. From little disagreements to large disputes, conflicts have two distinct effects: they can either create an environment that is toxic and inhibits growth or promote creativity and productivity. Understanding conflict dynamics, underlying causes, and effects is the goal of this research, which also looks at effective conflict management and resolution techniques. The main topics of the study questions are the disputes that arise between people and teams and how those conflicts affect team dynamics and overall productivity. Ultimately, the research findings are intended to offer guidance for amicable dispute resolution, encouraging a constructive and forward-thinking workplace culture. These are found by conducting qualitative research using interview protocol as the research instrument


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