Significance of Statement of Accused in Criminal Trials


  • Ambreen Aslam District and Sessions Judge in the Sindh High court Pakistan.
  • Muhammad Tahir Associate Professor, School of Law Karachi University



This manuscript unveil the significance of statement of accused in trials especially in criminal trials, law has recognized the rights of accused in criminal trial and those rights of accused have been documented and accepted by all the legal systems prevailing in the world .The purpose of this study is to divulge those rights and to verbalize its importance in public one of the right of accused is he/she be represented through his/her council and the council being expert in his field tries his level best to defend  the accused nonetheless the lawmaker has rendered rights to accused to converse with the court directly generally due to fear and esteem of the court usually accused persons do not   address the court directly and due to nonuse of that right at that stage of the case accused persons face distress repercussions since  the accused has been liberated by the law to present his her best defence if he/she owns through verbal representation are by production of any testaments or physical evidence. Basically through this article the right of the accused is being emphasize because mostly due to unfamiliarity of this right or due to hesitation or maintaining the decorum of the court accused persons do not discourse their adjuration directly to the court so through this article everyone is being abreast that any aggrieved person present in the court has a right to converse with the judge by observing decorum of the court.