The Effects of Online Pharmacy on Consumer Behaviour


  • Mahad Javed Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Business Administration, Greenwich University, Pakistan.
  • Mohammad Shaiq Professor and Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences and Information Studies, Greenwich University, Pakistan



Online Buying, Pricing Strategy, E-Pharmacy, Privacy, Doorstep Delivery


Online Pharmacies are set to revolutionise and disrupt how medicines and healthcare services are distributed to end-users and consumers in the contemporary era. As the modern world advances towards increasing digitization, the mortar-and-brick retail pharmacy is set to become obsolete. However, this trend needs to be reassessed in light of the socioeconomic situation of developing countries like Pakistan. The factors that drive an online pharmacy’s acceptance and usage need to be identified and realized for the average Pakistani consumer in the current context. In this regard, the following study outlines a primarily quantitative approach based on the surveying strategy. A total of 100 participants were surveyed using a randomised sampling method, and the data collected pertained to the responses against the Likert scale. The quantitative analyses performed involved univariate linear regression and analysis of variance (ANOVA) estimations. Results indicate that pricing, privacy and doorstep delivery have a significant and positive association with online pharmacy usage in the participants (p = 0.000; 95%).