Futuristic Agenda towards Leadership and Expatriation Research: A Systematic Literature Review


  • samreen fazal PhD Scholar, Department of Business Administration, Greenwich University, Pakistan




Leadership, Expatriation, (MNC`s) Multi-National Organizations, Global leaders, Expatriate performance, Cross-Cultural adjustment


In the interdependent, globalized world, effective leadership tends to navigate many cross-cultural challenges, paving the way for successful completion of international assignments. To add, the pivotal role of leadership in influencing expatriate adjustment and performance serves as the other side of a coin. Considering the leadership and expatriation paradigm, this paper aimed at an insightful exploration of the extant body of knowledge encompassing the leadership and expatriation dyad, tracing the development of literature in the last decade. In the said endeavor, relevant literature has been reviewed through a mixed approach of chronological and topical reviews. Review highlighted four connecting threads related to the said paradigm: first, transformational leadership styles impacting expatriate performance. Next, literature related to transformational leadership styles of expatriate leaders. Third, diverse leadership styles and expatriation and finally, the last thread encompassed a scholarly contribution related to different trends linking leadership and expatriation. Further, the current review proposes a futuristic conceptual framework embodying novel prospects and areas for future studies by extracting recommended themes from literature. Hence, the current work significantly contributes to the landscape of leadership and expatriation.