An In-depth Exploration of the Societal Impact of Athletic Events in a Developing Country – A Study of University Students


  • Sherbaz Khan Managing Editor – Pakistan Business Review, CBM – IoBM, Karachi
  • Mustafa Hyder Asst. Prof. Department of Public Administration, University of Karachi
  • Rizwana Rasheed Asst. Prof, Department of Business Administration, Iqra University, Karachi,



Sports Participation, Sports Events, Social Cohesion, Social Impact, Community Development


This study aims to investigate the impact of sports events and participation in sports on social cohesion, social impact, and community development. This study investigates the relationship between said variables and their potential impact on community development. The study utilized an online survey to collect primary data from 400 participants. The study utilized a Likert scale to examine participants' perceptions concerning the effects of athletic events. The sampling strategy employed in this study was convenience-based and non-probabilistic due to limitations in both time and budget. The results of our study indicate a statistically significant and positive association between engagement in sports activities and social cohesion. Analogous outcomes were observed in athletic competitions. Furthermore, the degree of social cohesion substantially impacted both social outcomes and community advancement, underscoring the positive societal ramifications of engaging in sports and hosting sporting events. The study was subjected to various limitations. The study's participant pool was restricted due to temporal and spatial constraints. Consequently, the outcomes lack universal generalizability. Additionally, using online data collection methods could have led to participants withholding their genuine preferences. The findings of this study suggest that sports events and participation in sports can have significant implications for societal outcomes. The comprehension of this concept can be advantageous for policymakers and event planners in developing nations, as it can aid them in utilizing sports as a strategic tool to promote community development and enhance social cohesion.